Sunday, 26 August 2012

Keeping It Simple.

When girls got bored, this is the thing we do to kill our boredom (well, mostly?). Just put on fresh-looking make-up and take a picture of ourselves using a tripod and self-timed digicam or dslr.

This is what I did with myself last August 9, 2012. :)


  MAC Buff Matte Blush || MAC Nehru Eyeshadow || MAC 28 Colors Eyeshadow (Silver)

Nichido Black Brown eye pencil || Brush || Nichido Chestnut eye pencil

Fanny Serano Concealer (Sand) || Volum' Express Mascara || Elianto Lip Gloss 

Bracelet : Oxygen || Necklace : from my mom

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