Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Just have FUN!

Last October 20, we celebrated Jacob's 1st birthday at Valle Verde 5, Clubhouse. :). Of course, it is a kiddie party with a Barney theme which really suits Jacob :). The party started at 4pm until 7pm with games, magic show (which amazed me) and food. :)

Baby Jacob is such a cutieeee!!! :">

Baby Jacob still doesn't know how to walk so obviously, he crawls :). Oh look, he's wearing those little patootie nike shoes! 

Ma, why so white. LOL. :)) Syempre, hindi magpapakabog! :)

With my pretty cousin, Angela :)

Of course, I brought my baby with me wearing her black with orange tutu dress! :) 

Gonzales family without my brother, my tito and Sam :). Such a small but happy family :)

(c)Angela Gonzales 


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Happy Birthday Kyle and Bet! :)

Sorry for this late post. :). I was suppose to post this but yeah... Anyways, their birthday, Kyle and Betbet was held last October 13, 2012 at Mcdo Forbes Town Center. I had fun because it was a long time since I attended and played at a birthday party :).

Hello pretty girl! :) Betina

Hello Kyle! :)

Nana, Andy and Alex

Chia and Ally. (so payat na!)

With Roch! Gwapo!

Missing Cello! :)

With Chia and Cello.

Of course, GAMES! 

Sorry. LOL.

Koko, Me and Kyle

Viggo and Mara!! :) Cutiepie!! :"">

Mara's face! So cute! 

With BLISS peeps. 


Friday, 19 October 2012

Smiling from ear to ear

Since my birthday will be held on a Sunday which is October 21 and a family day, I decided to have an advance birthday celebration with my loved ones :). I wanna thank Chesca, Teuka, Is, My sister (Nana) and especially Radley for making me happy today. 

@ XOXO, Greenbelt 3

Teuka, Chesca and I saw Issa while we're walking on our way to Greenbelt

@Glorietta :)

We ate at Max's 

Chesca and I really missed each other. :D

(L-R) Radley, Teuka, Me, Issa and Chesca

Wiiiii!!! Food! :D

I was really surprise when Kaps (our call names meaning Kapatid) arrive. I thought SHE (yes, she. LOL. ) will be missing my celebration cause of her training at UP. So yeah, thank you for the cute greetings and yummy brownies!! Loveyah! :*

Hello Friends!! :D

Thanks for the cake!! Laaabyu! :**

REUNITED!!! Love you both! :)

Celebration is incomplete without pictures!! :)

What Rad wore. 

What I wore.
Dress : Forever 21 || Cardigan and Belt : Thrifted || Sandals : SO FAB! || Bag : ALDO

OMG!!! Thank you so much babe for the PUG!!! Swear, just speechless! :">. 

GIFTS! So happy and lucky to have amazing people around. :)


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Ruby Sparks

Late post! :). So, this look is inspired from the movie Ruby Sparks. The different thing is she is wearing this blue dress with a purple tights which I think is really cute! :). 

Dress : Philosophy || Necklace : Cheapfashion Finds || Bracelet and belt : Thrifts :)

This wonderful black clogs from People are People! :) 

If you're tired wearing those heels, you can always bring a pair of flats or sandals :)