Saturday, 20 October 2012

Happy Birthday Kyle and Bet! :)

Sorry for this late post. :). I was suppose to post this but yeah... Anyways, their birthday, Kyle and Betbet was held last October 13, 2012 at Mcdo Forbes Town Center. I had fun because it was a long time since I attended and played at a birthday party :).

Hello pretty girl! :) Betina

Hello Kyle! :)

Nana, Andy and Alex

Chia and Ally. (so payat na!)

With Roch! Gwapo!

Missing Cello! :)

With Chia and Cello.

Of course, GAMES! 

Sorry. LOL.

Koko, Me and Kyle

Viggo and Mara!! :) Cutiepie!! :"">

Mara's face! So cute! 

With BLISS peeps. 


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