Sunday, 18 November 2012

Bazaar For All Season (Day 2)

So, I wasn't able to go to the second day but Radley's present at the bazaar cause they have a stall there.

Rad took some of the stall at the bazaar :)

Their store :) A's Shop

BUBBLES Sell from printed high waist shorts, peplum skirts to pants :) Visit their site.

I think these vintage stuffs are pre-loved but still in a good quality. 


Perfumes :)

And of course, shoesssss!! <3

Pre-loved clothes and shoes.

Radley and Ms. Laureen Uy 

Radley bought these cute cases from Laureen.

Food stalls 

I super like what Rad wore the second day. He wore a long sleeve denim button-down paired with a black pants, purple socks and shiny loafers! <3. HYPEEEE!!!

Fringed shiny black loafers and Uniqlo  purple socks 

Topman denim button-down and Aztec Jansport


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