Sunday, 16 December 2012


Blogger's United is held at the World Bazaar Festival, World Trade Center, December 15-16, 2012. A chance for us to meet, greet and shop with famous fashion bloggers. The event was really fun because there are so many bloggers which you will be able to interact with and the stuffs their selling is really nice (duh?!!!). I was with my friend Duff and Duff's friend, Jessa on the first day and on the second day, I was with my sister. Here are some of the pictures!! Enjoy :)

Instagram : @jhairagonzaless and @radleysantos23

The ticket costs 50pesos only!! :)



JESSA!! Cutiee outfit!

Basically, I'm with them the whole time :D

With Nicole Anderson. Super Ganda lang niya :)

With Dani Barretto :) Pretty Pretty!

With Bjorn

With The Super Friendly Patricia :)

Hello Tin Iglesias!!

Cutieeeee Verniece!! :D

Super love the clothes of Steph Dy and Mariel Wagas!!! #inspiration 

Karl Leuterio, IDOL!! 

With Kyle and Dani :)

Holla, David!!!

Saw Ate Ava!! :D

The Scene Stealer, Lissa Kahayon. :D

Pretty Tracy Ayson!! 

Paul Jatayna. Love his fashion!! :)

A random guy walking at BU4

Super friendly, Kelly :)

The pretty girl behind the coolest wired accessory, Ana Gonzales.

The super cute couple!! Seph and Shai

 With Enciso Sisters! How Adorable :) (Day 2)

With the Mickey Mouse Lover, Gelo. Ang friendly niyaa! :) (Day 2)

So, I was interviewed and awarded by Kelly and Gelo being one of the Most Fashionable Shopper :)

YEY! :)

Christian Louboutin 

I bought 3 pairs of shoes from Patricia! 

Studded boots from S&H

Heels from S&H

Wedge from S&H

Thank you Patricia Prieto for this adorable ring! :)

Top (Topshop) and Shorts (WAGW) from Steph and Mariel

Camouflage Parkas from Anagon and I forgot where I got the other one. :)
That's for me and for Rad :)

Carpe Diem Shirt from Bjorn

Bag from Anagon (Penshoppe), 2 tops from Tin Iglesias (Bayo and Oxygen) and a Camo top, actually that's two. The other one is for Rad :)

It was really a nice experience to meet the bloggers! :)


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  1. Super love your dress! And yey I see my bag wah! :) Thank you for attending BU a till next!