Friday, 12 April 2013

Hong Kong and Macau Photo Diary (1 & 2)

My brother said that Hong Kong International Airport is the biggest airport in the world. ASTEEEG!! Obvious naman eh, kamusta naman yung magttrain ka going from one place to another diba? So yeah... LOVE HONGKONG!

We need this so badly. Well, thanks Shamrock! \m/

With my pretty couz, Angela.


With Pa :D

Street Foods!!! Sobrang winner neto! :). Ang sarape, intense. Ang laki pa ng serving. An order costs 40-50php

Our hotel, Shamrock Hotel located along Nathan Road. Which has easy access to MTR :)

Too cute for my life :). Obviously, its right hand drive unlike Philippines

In order to reach The Victoria's Peak, we need to ride this mini train going up. 

Gosh, such a great view of Hong Kong. :). And infairness, malamig ah! As in! :)). 

Mi Familia :)

You know, just fooling around. When I saw this thing... I remembered Mushu in Mulan. LOLS.


Mongkok at night. 

People in HK are very nocturnal. Talo pa yung mga tambay dito sa Pinas. 

And of course, some of their famous clothing brands :)


2nd DAY!!!

Love the streets in here. 

Intense sa laming and ang windy. Napapa Marilyn Monroe ako dito cause I'm wearing skirt. lols. Anyways, this is at Avenue of Stars. 

DISNEY!! Of course, one of the famous places here in HK is their Disneyland. I'm not fond of rides but the experience is really fun.

OMG, look at the hair of the little boy beside my sister. Cutie right?! Mukhang mushroom! 


Yey!! Super love the parade! So..... we waited for like 3 hours for this fireworks. lols. But yeah, its worth it though :D. CLAPCLAPCLAP!!!

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